What is a good website content writer ?

Content can give you many customers for your small business and rank your pages higher in search engines. The quality of content and links determine your position in search results. On the other hand, well-written texts help readers to find quickly what they are looking for. The use of plain, short sentences meets their needs. But a web editor should think above mere entertaining his audience. He must be aware of the strategy content. Seo friendly content combined with an inspiring style are the qualities required for a good web writing. Clients do not know all about this, they only appreciate writers who stick to guidelines. But being a good web editor, you have to provide them a beautifully written seo friendly content.

What do you mean by unique content in writing ?

The rule in web content writing is this : always make sure your content is good and unique. Search engines are very meticulous about duplicate content. That means that if ever you have the same content on your pages or on any other pages in the web, your site will no more appear in the search result. It may happen when you post the same article in two different categories in your website. Google considers it as a duplication and it will take some time before crawling your web pages again. Search engines might also take drastic measures such as the non indexation of your pages. So before publishing an article in your site, you have to be sure there is no other information like this in another page.

What about duplicate content ?

It’s not easy to deal with duplicate content. There are billions of webpages so you cannot be a hundred per cent sure that your content is unseen anywhere. Even if you are good trained in writing, there is a certain risk of similarity to another webpages. That’s why a web copywriteris using copyscape. This tool helps her to find the percentage of duplication of texts with someone else’s work. The accepted rate of duplication depends on each agencies. You may have duplicate content when you copy and paste the online sources in your word file. When you take the same words from another webpages, it causes also duplication. That’s why a content writer for the web needs to start writing from scratch to avoid this case.

Why should you write content in french ?

Do you want to target the french audience ? You need to have articles in french in your website. Outsourcing your data gives you unbeatable price . As an article writer in french, I can accomodate to a wide range of style according to your needs. Before delivering your texts, I review the duplicate content and grammatical errors. I provide writing with the necessary key words. I offer search engine optimized and quality posts to let your business shine.

Website translation

You need translation in french, but you do not have time to translate your post ? As the prices in many web agencies may not be suitable to your budget, you can hire a freelance translator. I have been translating websites in french for a time and I’d like to continue providing clients well translated content. Being a very innovative and a perfectionist person, I strive to find solutions to any problems in many ways. In order to make my copies error free, I look at the context background and details such as grammatical mistakes, misunderstood translated clichés and so on . Becoming a translator needs careful planning and it takes a lot of time. In other words, one does not become an expert in translation overnight. On top of that, sometimes the task of a website translator is not so simple. For example, when he has to translate highly technical or scientific reviews. Remark that poorly translated content is worse than free online translation. For this reason, I do not provide translation of technical websites. Hiring a website translator in offshore helps you increase your traffic at an affordable price.

How to become a graphist designer ?

Graphism reaches into our everyday life. From ads in the television or in the newspapers to small postcards, you need graphist everywhere. The challenges of this job is a lifelong. You always need to improve your skills . There are many careers in this domain and you better choose the one that appeals most to you. For instance, we find designer in print, in web, in packaging, in animation and so on. Though you may have specialities in many areas, focusing on one speciality is a key contribution to your success.

Is a graphic designer a webdesigner ?

The first deals about commercial needs such as creation of logo, packaging and so on. He needs to play around smartly with the fundamentals of design softwares (adobe master collection, 3D softwares). He has an artistic fiber and focuses on the message his illustration convey to his audience. Whereas the second is for less created minded person. It’s a more technical job. A webdesigner is able to create a fully functionning responsive website. If you are dead-set on that job, you ought to have powerful experiences in javascript, bootstrap, jquery, html, css, php and knows all about UI design. All this is a bit confusing, but if you want to become webdesigner you simply learn how to code and how to use jquery and so on. As a graphist designer or a graphist in freelancing, my services include : illustration 2D, 3D, animation, photo editing, book design with indesign or quarkxpress.

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